About Emma

Rowland Studio is Emma Rowland
Jill of all trades. Creator of interesting things. Qualified graphic designer. Professional doodler.  

Rowland Studio is a Sydney-based studio that specialises in hand-drawn elements like live-scribing, hand-painted signage and murals. Emma uses multiple visual methods to fill your spaces, communicate your ideas and broadcast your brand. 
She’s inspired by small town hand-painted signs (especially the old, peeling stuff), historical lettering ephemera, Studio Ghibli (so many years of loving you) and nerding-out on typography everywhere.

This looks like:

Event and conference graphics
— live & virtual graphic recording, live lettering & product customisation
Murals & signage
— traditional signwriting, murals, in-store and public art
— branding & graphic design, illustration

She’s worked with:

Red Bull
City of Sydney
Donut Papi
Rockpool Dining Group

“Emma is incredibly intuitive when it comes to translating complex information into a powerful visual. Her work has provided enormous value and continues to cut through and drive action. More so, Emma understands the need to work at a commercial pace and collaborates to achieve the outcome we are looking for.”

– Tara, Decision Design
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